Personal Income Tax Filing

Just like any business, individuals also need to take care of their taxes. Flash CPA offers T1 tax return services for families and individuals, and can ensure you will get the maximum refund you deserve. We can manage this process 100% online.

Here is how we do it:

Complete Two Forms

Start with answering a “BASIC INFO” form and a “FOR EVERYONE” form. Please fill in the forms and email it to <>. This reduces the number of times we have to bother you, and makes sure we don’t miss any deductions or credits. If you/ your family members have rental income or/and self-employed income, we will contact you to follow up.



Upload Your Documents

We will send you an invitation to a shared drive on cloud by email. Simply upload us your papers (slips, receipts, etc.). We will review it with you on the phone or through an online meeting, to make sure we understand it and have everything we need.

Prepare and File Your Return

If you are a new client, you will then e-sign on an “Authorize a Rep” form. It will take normally less than two weeks for us to prepare your personal return. After we have finished it, you will then sign off on the completed return itself (correct, electronically as well). Your filing is now completed. You will pay any taxes due.

In Case You Have Questions

(Only if needed…) Contact us if you get any strange letters from CRA. We will handle follow-up inquiries throughout the year at no extra charge.

What it will cost

Let`s face it – many of us are uncertain what we will owe or get back. We promise not to add to that worry.

So Flash CPA promises fair and transparent pricing. Our fixed fee schedule is attached. Prices in this document are valid until September 30 of the current calendar year.